Elevate your B2B tech brand

with a clear and compelling brand narrative.

Elevate your B2B tech brand with a clear and compelling brand narrative.​

You’ve grown, have new products/services, or your solution solves big problems. Now it’s time for your brand to accurately reflect the valuable business you’ve become without destroying your reputation. 

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The Complete B2B
Messaging & Identity Package

At Moox, you’ll be working with experts that integrate your custom, end-to-end solution including:
  • Positioning Strategy

  • Messaging Strategy

  • Brand Hierarchy Design

  • Visual Identity Development

  • Website Strategy & Design

  • Sales & Marketing Assets

Branding expert available today: Connie J.

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How Do We Do It?


Specialized Brand Research

We conduct specialized brand research and surveys for your target segments to identify new insights areas of opportunities for your brand.


Positioning & Strategy

We define your positioning and strategy to seize the market opportunities that align with your business goals.


Brand Voice & Visual Identity

We update your brand voice and visuals to reflect your positioning without losing your hard-earned industry recognition.


Marketing Asset Development

From trade show brochures to websites, we create marketing materials that support your sales cycle and marketing materials.

Why Moox?

Moox is the leading B2B tech branding agency with a specialized process for tech companies that have longer sales cycles, complex solutions, and competitive markets.

We understand B2B tech has unique challenges

Your marketing channels and sales processes hold significantly more value than typical B2C companies.

Clear process with timelines, pricing, and deliverables

We are crystal-clear on what youcan expect throughout the entire journey with us.

Ever-evolving solutions like technology require clarity

Tech is meant to evolve, with brands that are designed to be future-proof and growth-focused.


Kabir M., COO Synergetics, OpenFLIS

We could not be happier with the results. They were a fantastic team to work with, and they accurately understood what we were trying to do every step of the way.

Samy T., VP of Marketing Dacast

Moox Group was the only agency who treated us like humans: we felt heard, that was not the usual "we know what you need" speech. They adapted to our context, did great research on our market, to design a brand identity that really fits our needs. Thanks!

Elizabeth A., CEO Alicea HR

Amazing work! They are a highly responsive team that took the time to address my business goals and obstacles. I look forward to keep working with them.

Vance C. A Digital Retail Solutions Company

The team did an excellent job! Their communication was great and they delivered an outstanding service.

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Ready to Transform Your Brand?

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