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Transform Your Company's Future with Strategic Brand Development

Align your brand communications to create a reputable brand experience with brand strategy.

Does your company look, sound, or feel different across all your marketing channels? If your communications are inconsistent, it is harming your brand trust. This is where brand strategy becomes vital to building trust and reputation.

You might have grown over the years, merged, or acquired new capabilities that have outgrown your brand. Working with Moox to reposition and strategize your re-brand gives you the competitive edge to:

  • Reposition your company to reflect your true capabilities and value.
  • Grow your presence and relevancy in new markets.
  • Articulate an attractive unique value proposition.
  • Define and communicate your competitive advantage.
  • Segment your audiences with targeted messaging.

Key Brand Strategy Services Moox Provides:

Unique Value Proposition

Clearly articulate the value of your offers, deeply resonate with clients, and avoid unfocused pitches with a unique value proposition that resonate with each of your client segments.

Brand Messaging

Create an attractive first impression with a consistent theme and focus that resonates with your audiences' most relevant needs and desires with effective brand messaging.

Positioning Strategy

Build recognition in the areas you dominate and lower comparisons with a competitive positioning strategy that creates marketing focus, reputation, and memorability.

Brand Hierarchy Design

Leverage the financial value of multiple brands to cross-sell or up-sell within your brand portfolio to current clients or prospects with strategic brand hierarchy and product ecosystem design.

Visual Identity Design

New alternatives and international outsourcing are on the rise. Therefore, a logo is not enough to create a versatile brand identity that remains memorable, relevant, and recognizable.

At Moox, we understand that a complete brand has a strategy that gives your visual identity a clear purpose, function, and key qualities that are relevant to your ideal client.

Our design team is at your service to deliver a smooth design process that incorporates your feedback with sophisticated design principles.

Design that reflects your strategy + easy guidelines.

Every design element should have a purpose rooted in your brand strategy. Whether you want a subtle brand refresh, a complete visual transformation or need guidance on evolving your visual identity, you can count on a design team that blends insight with beautiful and purposeful design.

Logo & Icon

Our seasoned design team infuses the insights from the brand strategy into your new or refreshed logo and icon.

Color Palette & Typeface

Branded color palettes and typefaces create a cohesive experience across your digital and print materials to increase memorability and emotional engagement.

Brand Family Design

For companies working with multiple brands, our design team bases the brand family design on what the brand hierarchy strategy communicates.

Patterns, Graphics, & Illustrations

Patterns, graphics, and illustrations can range from our creative team visually representing a service or product, to creating custom patterns.

Photography Style

Visually communicate the experience and benefits that resonate with your audience with a cohesive photography style.

Visual Brand Guide

Unlike traditional brand guides, our team creates an interactive, intuitive brand guide that's easy to use and apply for frequent use.

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