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Software for the Department of Defense (DoD) – Talking to 2 Different Audiences

OpenFLIS is an online marketplace that simplifies government procurement. They faced the challenge of appealing to two different audiences. Through brand strategy and messaging, Moox helped OpenFLIS create a unified brand that communicates the value proposition of simplifying a traditionally complex process. The brand strategy resulted in a cohesive and collaborative marketing approach that effectively moved its users to achieve OpenFLIS’s goals, and the new branding resonated with the internal team.

“We could not be happier with the results. They were a fantastic team to work with, and they accurately understood what we were trying to do every step of the way.

Kabir Mehta
COO, Synergetics (OpenFLIS parent company)

The Art of Creating a Memorable Experience – Keeping the legacy

The Junction, a California restaurant, faced the challenge of translating their legacy into a new brand and space while appealing to overlapping and segmented target audiences. Moox worked closely with the leadership team to create a unique and memorable brand identity that reflected their new values of local culture and bonding, resulting in a cohesive and effective brand implementation, a consistent brand experience for customers inside and outside the restaurant, and a strong connection with their heritage and community.

I love that you were able to invest time in us to listen to all our ideas and still be able to distill them and put our image into words.

Nick & Ingrid Holguin
Owners, Junction & The Patio Kitchen

Repositioning of a Firm to Attract New Markets

Voyager Systems, a Canadian IT services firm, partnered with Moox to reposition itself for more profitable markets and create a unified brand experience. The small company image perception in a highly saturated market limited the company’s ability to attract high-value clients and increase profitability. The brand strategy resulted in increased memorability from competitors in a saturated market and a more profitable market position for Voyager Systems.

As we’re expanding into the U.S., we want to be perceived as the larger company we’ve grown into and appeal to certain industry executives.

Chris Burchett
CEO, Voyager Systems

Adding a New Market

Alicea HR Management, a human resources consulting firm, struggled to expand into the coaching space due to the difference in the new market. Working with Moox Creative Group, they developed a brand positioning strategy, a brand extension plan, a visually appealing website, and brand guidelines. As a result, they established a clear brand voice, improved their website’s user experience, and increased conversions and their customer base.

Amazing work! They are a highly responsive team that took the time to address my business goals and obstacles. I look forward to keep working with them.

Elizabeth Alicea
CEO, Alicea HR Management

From Idea to Launch

The Rocky Pet, a business facing challenges in a saturated market, was able to achieve differentiation through repositioning and consistency. By identifying a gap in the market for premium dog bandanas targeted at bold dog owners, The Rocky Pet increased revenue by a significant percentage with retailers and partners, doubled retailers’ margins, and avoided direct competition with competitors. The internal team also gained clarity in communicating with consumers, retailers, and partners, increasing trust in the business and opening up opportunities for new partnerships.

These guys are friendly and professional. I would recommend these guys! I hope you guys get more business because you deserve it! Amazing work!

Steven Brown

Standing Out In a Saturated Market

Alpha Vital, a fitness company, looking to develop a brand identity that would resonate with its target audience of fitness enthusiasts looking for high-quality, durable, and stylish workout clothes. Through extensive research, including surveys with the target audience, industry research, and competitive analysis, Moox was able to develop a design direction, logo and visual elements, and naming and branding guidance that successfully established Alpha Vital as a player in the premium fitness apparel market.

Pre-Launching Successfully

Woofit, a company that helps pet owners take care of their pets, wanted to create a brand that showed how friendly and easy to use their services are. But they couldn’t figure out how to do it by themselves, so they asked Moox Creative Group for help. With their help, Woofit was able to figure out who their customers were, what they wanted, and how to get their attention. They were able to create a brand that made people excited about their services and helped them be successful.



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