Voyager Systems: A small brand limiting higher-value clients

The Client

Voyager Systems, a Canadian IT services firm, needed to reposition itself for more profitable markets and create a unified brand experience.

"As we’re expanding into the U.S., we want to be perceived as the larger company we’ve grown into and appeal to certain industry executives. We’ve outgrown our image."

Chris Burchett CEO, Voyager Systems

Voyager Systems’ Journey


The small company image perception in a highly saturated market limited the company’s ability to attract high-value clients and increase profitability.

Moox began by analyzing Voyager Systems’ current brand, competitive environment, and key areas of opportunity the brand can fulfill like none other. Throughout the research, the small company image remained a challenge.

The saturated market with dozens of competitors required more relevant brand differentiators to help Voyager Systems stand out. A nice logo wasn’t enough.


Responding to The Needs of The Market


To meet this challenge, Voyager Systems partnered with Moox to create a comprehensive brand communications strategy. With Moox’s comprehensive plan, Voyager Systems was able to:

  • reposition itself for higher-value clients as an industry leader
  • communicate its enterprise-level capabilities
  • create a unified brand experience across all marketing materials
  • maintain consistent messaging across all internal and external touchpoints, including web, print, and signage

Results That Drive Revenue


The refreshed brand identity also included a redesigned logo, website, and a cohesive workspace. Moox designed the brand to be more attractive to the targeted executive audience with a memorable, sleek, and minimalistic style that communicated sophistication and trust.


However, given Voyager’s established presence in their market, Moox did not modify legacy factors such as the name or rocket ship concept.


The website was designed to create an immersive experience for visitors, highlighting Voyager System’s new positioning as an industry leader.

The workspace concept was designed to embody the overall brand experience. Since work environments affect the internal team’s motivation and company purpose, the internal space should speak to the caliber of work and clients being served.

The brand strategy result was increased memorability from competitors in a saturated market, and a more profitable market position for Voyager Systems

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Get everything you need to brand your property, website, and signage in one convenient single company.