About Us

About Us

Crafting impactful brand experiences for the technology industry

We handle all aspects of branding to make the branding process a seamless, effortless experience for you.

Unlike other agencies

We have a set structure

We have a set structure to deliver a convenient experience designed to free our clients from having to overwork their branding projects.

You'll know what to expect from the beginning

You know when we’ll meet, what deliverables, and how much the project is from the beginning. No more guessing the final bill number or wondering what’s happening when.

Experts in the industry and more

Our agency is built on expertise with diverse backgrounds in marketing, business, construction, interior design, and a shared passion for creating valuable brands.

Our Belief

In today’s experience-driven world, we are beyond the typical brand archetype templates – it’s about making lifestyles feel, look, and stay real.

We are committed to helping clients stand out in an increasingly competitive market and achieve their business goals through branding.

What makes us different?

We understand B2B tech has unique challenges

Your marketing channels and sales processes hold significantly more value than typical B2C companies.

Clear process with timelines, pricing, and deliverables

We are crystal-clear on what youcan expect throughout the entire journey with us.

Ever-evolving solutions like technology require clarity

Tech is meant to evolve, with brands that are designed to be future-proof and growth-focused.

Bring an experience to life

Every tech company has an expectation from their clients to embody. Our proprietary systems and processes have been specifically designed to bring those experiences to life.

From digital experiences to partnering with production companies, we put strategy first, and design follows.

Our centralized approach

As a centralized solution for property branding, we aim to minimize the amount of time and effort required from our clients’ busy schedules. Our focus on efficient project management means our clients can trust us to take care of their branding needs without requiring constant oversight.

From digital experiences to collaborating with production partners, our branding strategies are infused with our team’s experience to create cohesive and compelling brand identities that drive business.


Kabir M., COO Synergetics, OpenFLIS

We could not be happier with the results. They were a fantastic team to work with, and they accurately understood what we were trying to do every step of the way.

Samy T., VP of Marketing Dacast

Moox Group was the only agency who treated us like humans: we felt heard, that was not the usual "we know what you need" speech. They adapted to our context, did great research on our market, to design a brand identity that really fits our needs. Thanks!

Elizabeth A., CEO Alicea HR

Amazing work! They are a highly responsive team that took the time to address my business goals and obstacles. I look forward to keep working with them.

Vance C. A Digital Retail Solutions Company

The team did an excellent job! Their communication was great and they delivered an outstanding service.

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